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Coinciding with the ‘Butterfly Month’ observed from September 5 to October 4, Haryana’s first butterfly survey in Khol Block of Rewari district will be conducted by the state Forest and Wildlife Department on September 27.

A statement said, “Butterflies are very sensitive to habitat disturbance and pollution. Their conservation is important for the sustenance of life on Earth. It is in this background that the butterfly (including moths) survey, the first survey of its kind in Haryana, will be done in which the butterfly diversity will be assessed in the Aravalli Region of the state.”

It added, “The survey will be conducted in 10 villages having continuous stretch of hillocks namely — Palra, Ahhrod, Bassduda, Khol, Manethi, Bhalki, Majra, Nandha, Balwari and Khaleta, which is about 1,000 hectares area.”

“The outcome of the survey will help in chalking out management strategy for the conservation of butterflies and moths. This will also form the basis for observing the impact of habitat disturbance and climate change on the ecology of the region. To record and make inventories of the species of butterflies and moths in Aravallis of Haryana, the first butterfly survey will be undertaken by the Forest and Wildlife Department of Haryana along with nature lovers, voluntary agencies and volunteers under the guidance of butterfly experts,” the statement further said.

A species-wise butterfly count data collected by the teams will be consolidated by the coordinator. A booklet of all butterfly species recorded with photographs and team members will also be published.

“The outcome of the survey will form the basis for planning the future management strategy in Aravalli region,” the statement said.

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