Cristiano Ronaldo shrugs off talk of leaving Juventus | Sports News,The Indian Express

Jun 14, 21:50 / Mənbə: Indianexpress.com

Cristiano Ronaldo says speculation about his future at Juventus “doesn’t faze me at all.”

The Portugal forward says he’s focused only on the European Championship “regardless of staying in Juve or being transferred.”

Ronaldo has been linked with a return to Manchester United. He left the English club in 2009 for Real Madrid. He has spent the past three seasons in Turin.

Ronaldo says “if I were 18 or 19 maybe I would have some sleepless nights. But I’m 36 years old and whatever comes will be for the best.”

Defending champion Portugal will play its opening match at Euro 2020 on Tuesday against Hungary at the Puskas Arena. The group also includes World Cup champion France and Germany.

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