Tauktae cyclone kills 12 in India

May 18, 12:32 / Mənbə: Report.az

At least 12 people died and about 120 went missing in various states of India due to the Tauktae cyclone, which struck the western coast of the country, Report informs with reference to Indian media.

The cyclone hit hardest the state of Karnataka, where six people were killed in separate incidents due to heavy rains and gusty winds. Two of them died when their tug capsized into the sea.

“About 120 homes have been damaged in the state due to heavy rains since Saturday. The victims were transferred to relief centers set up by the state government,” Sunil Gavaskar, head of the Karnataka Disaster Monitoring Center, told India TV.

The Indian Navy continues to search for about 120 people, who were on board the barge, which sank about 175 kilometers from Mumbai. In total, there were 273 people on board the barge, 132 of them were rescued. Assistance in the search is provided by a Boeing P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft and Navy helicopters.

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