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May 18, 13:32 / Mənbə: Indianexpress.com

In a bid to intensify lockdown measures, the Greater Chennai Police has made e-pass mandatory for movement between police station limits during the 6 am to 10 am window, when restrictions are eased for the public to buy essentials.

Based on the orders of the new City Commissioner Shankar Jiwal, the police have divided the city into 12 districts and 348 sectors. There will be 13 vehicle checkpoints at the district border area and an additional 153 checkpoints will cover all important junctions and police limits.

Those residing in the 181 containment zones in the city, however, will not be allowed to step out under any circumstances. As many as 309 four-wheelers, 205 two-wheelers will be deployed to monitor the new restrictions.

Elaborate arrangements have been made for the public to buy necessary groceries, vegetables, and other essential items within their sector.

Besides medical and other emergencies, people are not allowed to travel from one neighbourhood to another without e-registration beyond 10 am.

The restrictions, which came into force today, were criticised by many as they were leading to traffic congestions.

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