Coronavirus: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Says Continuous Efforts Being Made To Increase Vaccine Supply In Big Way

May 18, 12:54 / Mənbə: Ndtv.com

Efforts are being made to increase vaccine supply in a big way, said PM Modi.

As several states tackle vaccine shortage, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today continuous efforts were being made to increase vaccine supply in a big way.

"The vaccine drive will also continue amid all this and you all must also ensure that there is no vaccine wastage. Vaccine wastage can be reduced to nil if we follow the best practices. Not just that you all are also the logistical heads of all these efforts, and your efforts in these areas must be flawless," PM Modi said, addressing officials from states, districts on COVID-19 management.

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The Prime Minister dubbed the officials "field commanders" in the fight against the pandemic.

"This experience that you all are getting during the Corona pandemic will help you deal with many things in future too. It will help you all become better at managing such situations and hence your recorded feedback is also important," he said.

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