Will the Legislative Council be re-formed in Bengal after 50 years? Mamata Sarkar engaged in exercise

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Kolkata: The Legislative Council is being reconstituted in West Bengal once again after five decades. TMC supremo and CM Mamata Banerjee approved the election promise to form a legislative council at a cabinet meeting on Monday. It will now be sent to the Governor for approval, after which the Trinamool government in the state will send the proposal to the Central Government for approval of Parliament.

In such a situation, if the Modi government at the Centre does not approve it, there could be tension with the Mamata government in Bengal. Mamata Banerjee had excluded several leaders from the ticket list for age during the recently concluded West Bengal assembly elections, who had promised to be made legislative council members. Tell me, West Bengal currently has a 294-member Assembly, but there is no Legislative Council in the State.

Let us tell you that about 50 years ago there used to be a Legislative Council in West Bengal, but on March 21, 1969, a resolution was passed by the State Assembly to abolish the Legislative Council, after which the State Government has sent it to the Central Government for passage by Parliament. The West Bengal Legislative Council (Abolition) Act, 1969 was enacted in Parliament from August 1, 1969 and the Legislative Council was abolished.

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