Patients and their relatives staged a protest and blocked, demanded more Covid-19 tests

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On Monday, Patients and their relatives staged a protest and blocked the main road at Sripuram junction in Nagarkurnool district and demanded more Covid-19 tests at the designate centers in the district. Let us share that the protesters alleged that the authorities at the designate Covid-19 testing centers are not conducting more than 15 tests and turning away the public whoever is coming for testing at the local testing centre near Sripuram junction.


For your information let us share that the authorities and the district Healthcare officials who were not taking any actions against private diagnostic centers who were fleecing the public and taking advantage of the people's helplessness, Due to the road blockage, the public and the vehicles that were in a hurry to complete their task within the lockdown relaxation period were held up, as vehicles were left stranded for more than 2 kilometers along the highway.

However, her it is to be noted that the public demanded the district administration and the government to provide more Covid testing kits and set up more testing centers in the district, The police and the district administration authorities pacified the protesting public and assured them all necessary facilities and later cleared the traffic jam and pacified the agitators.

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