VIDEO: Man sets up 'jugaad' to buy sweets in lockdown

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The corona virus is currently on the rise and lockdown is in place at many places. At present, people are 'imprisoned' in their homes due to lockdown. There are many people who are leaving the house, but they are making more than one dhansu jugaad. In the meantime, many people succeed and many people are caught. Not only that, the policemen are also giving unique punishment to the people if caught. Yes, in every state, the serpents are performing dance, somewhere they are writing something.

West Bengal।

Translation: I'm out to buy sweets।

West Bengal।

Translation: I'm out to buy sweets।

Nowadays, funny videos related to it also go viral on social media. Recently a video is talked about in the news. In this video you can see a man struggling to buy sweets. The video is said to be from West Bengal. You can see in this video how a person goes out to buy sweets. The young man put on a tremendous mind to buy sweets. You can see that when you step out, the person faces the policeman.

The policeman asks him 'Where are you going'? On hearing this, he shows a card like structured hanging around his neck. The policeman gets angry and scolds him and drives him away. You can see this video shared by a user named 'Abhishek Mukherjee' on social media platform Twitter. The caption of the video read, West Bengal language (translated) 'I have gone out to buy sweets'. Now the video is fast going viral.

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