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Marathi director and lyricist Pranit Kulkarni passed away in Pune on Monday following a long battle with cancer. He was 50.

Filmmaker-actor Pravin Vitthal Tarde took to his social media platforms to mourn the demise of Pranit.

The translation of Pravin’s Facebook post in Marathi reads, “My beloved brother is gone. Goddess Saraswati has lost the genius of language today. If I start writing about the ace lyricist, writer, director Praneet Kulkarni, one day will not be enough. I’ll write about him in detail soon. Right now, I am out of words.”

Besides helming Marathi film Deool Band (2015), Pranit Kulkarni was known for penning songs in movies like Mulshi Pattern (2018) and Huntash (2017).

Pranit is survived by his mother, wife and daughter.

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