Meerut: Joffred Varghese Gregory and Ralphred George Gregory twin brothers died from corona

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Meerut: Both Jofred Varghese Gregory and Alfred George Gregory were cousins. That too twins. Born together on April 23, 1997. There was only a gap of three minutes between the two births. He spent his entire life together. And now both of them died a few hours apart. The twin brothers from Meerut have lost their lives due to corona infection. Both the brothers fell ill on April 24. The corona inquiry report came negative on May 10. Suddenly, health deteriorated and one death each on May 13 and 14.

Media reports quoting his father Gregory Raymond Rafael said the duo celebrated their 24th birthday on April 23 before falling ill. After being born, the two did everything together. To become a computer engineer after completing, food, play and even studies. He also worked together in Hyderabad. According to Rafael, Jofred had died earlier. When his mother came to know about it, he suddenly came out of his mouth that Alfred would no longer be left, and so did he the next day. According to Rafael, "Both were planning to go to Korea and then to Germany. I don't know why God punished us like this. He said, "The doctors were thinking of shifting him from corona ward to normal ICU. However, I had requested the hospital to take care of his health for two more days in the Covid ward itself. Suddenly, on the evening of May 13, my wife got a call and our world was devastated"

According to the report, Alfred had called his mother after Jofred's death. He said he was recovering. He then asked about Jofred. The family members concealed the death and said he was being shifted to a Delhi hospital. Gregory and his wife are teachers at St Thomas School in Meerut. The couple, originally from Kerala, moved to Meerut in the 90s.


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