'Tauktae' wreaks havoc in front of Mumbai Hotel Taj, video goes viral

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Mumbai: Cyclone Tauktae is wreaking havoc these days. The storm took its toll in Maharashtra as well as in many parts of the country the previous day. We all know that on the one hand, there is already a corona infection in India, on the other hand, the Storm Tauktae has now become a problem for the people. In fact, the storm has wreaked havoc in many parts of the country and the storm has also led to great preparations. Due to this, the damage could be controlled to some extent. Now several videos of the storm are going viral on social media.


creating havoc in Mumbai

creating havoc in Mumbai


This includes a video in front of mumbai's Hotel Taj, where the storm caused waterlogging on the roads. Harsh Goenka recently shared this video. In the video, the caption read, 'Cyclone Tauktae is causing a lot of havoc in Mumbai. You can see in the video shared by Harsh Goenka that the waves of the sea are very strong and the water has come up to the road due to the rise of these waves. The same Harsh Goenka shared the video on Twitter and the video has been made from inside the Hotel Taj. You can see that the waves rising in the sea in this video are quite strong and the water has come up.

The video is currently going viral on social media. Looking at the video, one user wrote, "Such a form of storm is enough to scare anyone, there are really many forms of nature, but no one would want to see nature in such a rough form. Another user wrote, "I'm afraid to see Tauktae".

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