VIDEO: Singer Veronica Luggya kicked fan who tried to grope her during performance

May 18, 12:24 / Mənbə: English.newstracklive.com

Every day on social media, a video goes viral which creates a stir. Now even at the moment a video is fast part of the discussions. The video is from Juba, the capital of South Sudan. In fact, something happened in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, in the recent past that surprised people. In fact, the famous singer here was molested during Veronica Luggya live performance. Meanwhile, the singer did something after which the video went viral.



You can see a man trying to molest singer Veronica Luggya during his live performance, but in the meantime he taught the person who did so a lesson. Taught a lesson that the man would try to abuse a woman at any time. Now the singer's video is going viral on the internet. In this video you can see the molester is seen enjoying himself.

Meanwhile, one of his youths comes and tries to touch his private part. After seeing this, Veronica kick the man hard, then the security men get into action and catch the young man. 

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