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Sassoon hospital’s paediatric surgeons successfully operate on 11-year-old child injured in a wild boar attack

A team of paediatric surgeons at Sassoon general hospital conducted a successful operation on an 11-year-old tribal child, resident of Lavasa, who was severely injured in an attack by a wild boar.

He had incurred deep wounds on his chest and was critical due to broken ribs causing serious lung and heart injuries. In addition, prevention of infection was a matter of concern. The child needed emergency medication as well as emergency surgery.

On May 10, he was successfully operated on by a team of paediatric Surgeons led by the head of the department Dr Minakshi Bhosale along with others.

To prevent rabies-like infection, in the child, Dr Malan Parande and others from the Department of Prevention and Social Medicine took special efforts and said that the child’s health is improving and he will be discharged in the next 2-3 days.

Ayushmann Khurana face of #BerokZindagi campaign

The third chapter of the #BerokZindagi campaign “Asthma ke liye inhalers hain sahi – #InhalersHainSahi” has been launched in Pune with Ayushmann Khurana as the face of the campaign.

The campaign #InhalersHainSahi focuses on-tackle the social stigma around asthma, educate patients about inhalers and their benefits in asthma management Asthma is a chronic (long term) disease usually characterized by airway inflammation and narrowing of the airways, which can vary over time.

India has 37.9 million cases of asthma and the campaign reiterates that Inhalation therapy is the foremost and most effective medication for any asthmatic patient compared to oral therapies like tablets and syrups.

Dr. Mahavir Bagrecha, Assistant Professor at DY Patil Medical College and Hospital said that in Pune most of the challenges faced while prescribing Inhalation Therapy are the stigmas attached to it and the misconceptions of habit-forming and heavy dosage, among patients. 30-40% of asthmatics usually drop inhalation therapy due to these myths.

It is crucial for patients to be well informed and educated around the benefits of inhalation therapy as compared to oral medicines to ensure the right kind of treatment and health sustainability

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