UP: Corona in villages,Allahabad High Court says medical system is on God's trust

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Prayagraj: The Allahabad High Court has expressed concern over the outbreak of corona infection and shortage of medical facilities in villages and towns of Uttar Pradesh. The court said that the way the medical system is in place, it can be said that the health of the people is god-fearing. The court said that if we fail to detect and treat the infection, we are definitely inviting the third wave.

Justice siddharth verma and justice ajit kumar while hearing the PIL on Monday said that very little testing is being done in villages and towns. Testing should be increased and health facilities should be provided in community health centres. The High Court has asked the Health Secretary of the Central and State Governments to prepare and file a comprehensive report in this regard with experts instead of bureaucracy. The Allahabad High Court on vaccination said that within three months, everyone should get the vaccine and medical facilities in rural and town areas should be improved.

On the issue of vaccination, he said that the state government has floated a global tender for the vaccine. It also suggested that those who are income tax payers buy the vaccine themselves and help others. The Central Government should give green signals to the manufacturers so that medical companies can start production of the vaccine. The court said it is incomprehensible why the state government is not making the vaccine. The court has also appealed to big industry houses, religious institutions to help.

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