D-day for gamers! Pre-registrations for PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India set to begin

May 18, 10:11 / Mənbə: English.newstracklive.com

New Delhi: PUBG game has millions of addicts in India who are eagerly waiting for the game to return. The game is now going to be relaunched in India in the name of the new avatar Battlegrounds Mobile India. Pre-registration for the game will go live on the Google Play Store from today. However, no information has yet been revealed as to when the game will be released. But it may be launched soon after the pre-registration link goes live.

South Korean game developers company Krafton had earlier said in a statement that pre-registering fans will be able to claim specific rewards. These rewards will be for Indian players only. To pre-register, users need to go to the Google Play Store and click on the "Pre-Register" option. Rewards to claim will automatically be available when the game is launched. Like Pubji Mobile, users will be able to play this game for free.

The company has said that this time special care has been taken for data security and privacy. Crafton has said that law regulation will also be taken care of this time. According to Crafton, the rules will be a little strict erased this time for users under the age of 18. To play the Battleground Mobile India game, they will need permission from parents and will also have to provide the parents' mobile number, which will show whether they are game playable or not. In addition, they will be able to play the game only 3 hours a day.

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