Nadda speaks on violence after election results in Bengal- We never seen such intolerance

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Kolkata: Assembly elections in West Bengal may be over but political violence continues. Meanwhile, BJP National President JP Nadda arrived in Kolkata on a two-day visit to West Bengal. He will also meet the activists affected by the violence. On reaching Kolkata, Nadda said that we have not seen such intolerance till date. The BJP is determined to personally look at the attack on the workers and stand with those workers in this calamity and fight this war democratically.

JP Nadda said, "We are committed to fighting this battle of ideology. I have come to see you privately. I will also go to 24 Parganas, later I will go to the houses of the workers whose lives were terminated shortly after the elections. In this situation, their support will not be wasted, we will take the battle of their ideology to a turning point."

It may be recalled that reports of violence are on the rise in the state after the results of the West Bengal Assembly elections. The TMC has been accused of killing six BJP workers in the last 24 hours. The BJP on Monday claimed that more than nine of its workers were killed in the state after the results of the West Bengal assembly elections were out.

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