Assets of Azerbaijan's banking sector up 13%

Oct 21, 18:03 / Mənbə: Report.az

As of October 1, the assets of the Azerbaijani banking sector amounted to AZN34,526,500,000 (12.8% more than 2020), Report informs, citing the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

AZN14,312,100,000 of bank assets were net loans to customers. Over the past year, the sector's loan portfolio grew by 8.7%, while the share of loans in assets fell from 43% to 41.5%.

During the reporting period, the liabilities of the banking sector increased by 14.1% to AZN29,655,200,000, including the deposit portfolio by 22% to AZN 23,650,000,000. Of this, AZN8,663,600,000 are deposits of individuals and AZN14,986,400,000 - deposits of legal entities. During the year, the population's funds in banks rose by 12.3% and companies' funds in banks by 28.5%.

Over the past year, banks' liabilities to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan declined by 3.6% to AZN 370,800,000.

The balance capital of the sector grew by 5.3% to AZN4,871,300,000.

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