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Summers are all about mangoes. If you are a fan of the fruit, you would know that there are many simple and interesting recipes that you can prepare at home. Recently, actor Sameera Reddy and her mother-in-law Manjri Varde had prepared two lip-smacking dishes: the traditional mango pickle, and aambat batata and poori, and now fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has shared a delicious parfait recipe, involving the king of fruits.

She detailed the process in an Instagram reel, writing in the caption, “Summers are all about mangoes, don’t you think? 🥭🌞 Here’s a quick, healthy, and easy recipe, THE MANGO PARFAIT!😋 ”

Check out the recipe here.


– Half a cup of granola

– Half a cup of diced mango

– Half a cup of coconut yogurt

– One tbsp of soaked chia seeds

– Half a tbsp of honey



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* Take a glass and add the granola seeds first.

* Then add the diced mangoes.

* Next, add coconut yogurt.

* After that add the soaked chia seeds.

* Layer it once again, and repeat the aforementioned process until the glass is full.

* When done, drizzle some honey and you are set.

The delicious summer dessert is now ready; would you like to try this today? 

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